Monday, June 17, 2013

High School Sculptures

Here are a couple of Sculptures I made in Mrs. Gaspar's Sculpting Class at Bloomfield High School.

Mask Planning:

I decided to go with the Geisha. I started off with a plastic mask and laid paper mache on it with water and glue.

 Afterwards I applied White and black paint. I did the makeup in paint as well.

 I finished it off by decorating her hair with a cardboard hair piece and a paper flower I made myself.

This one was awkward but fun. The idea was to make a shape, any shape with a block of wood as the base and a wire hanger. Once we had a completely abstract shape we put a stocking over the whole thing and tied it off under the base.

We applied white paint to create a clean canvas. Once dry we could paint anything  on it that the abstract shape reminded us of. My theme was an autumn tree. I added the fox and the rabbit as if to tell a story.

 LOL my daughter was curious about it.

This is a very heavy piece of pottery I made out of red clay. I guess It's a pitcher but it's way too heavy to be that so I would suggest putting flowers in it instead. After firing it in the kiln the first time I decided to apply a beautiful blue gloss and fire it again. And this was the result:

 Cloned Pikachu! I first drew a picture of Pikachu on plain paper and then sort of traced it into clay by placing the paper over the clay and poking holes through the paper into the clay slab. afterwards I carved the figure to make it look 3 Dimensional and placed the slab into the kiln. Once the carved slab was solid I put it in a small milk carton and filled the carton with plaster. After the plaster dried I was able to break the slab from the plaster which created a molding. The molding was then used to make clones of my original Pikachu carving and solidify them in the kiln. I painted each carving a different color glaze before placing them into the kiln for the final time.

This is a carving made from a block of plaster. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to carve but It came to me shortly after taking off a couple chunks of plaster. It's a strangely striped cat sitting on top of a tree stump where an little orange squirrel resides.

First I cut a top off of a milk carton and rinsed it out. Afterwards I poured a mixture of plaster into the carton and let it dry and solidify for a week. Once it was solid I was able to pull the carton off the block of plaster and begin my carving.

When the carving was complete I sanded it lightly to give it a smooth look and I applied milk to the surface of the sculpture with a paint brush to make it smooth to the touch.

 Finally I painted it, keeping my use of color limited to, a yellow orange, brownish grey, beige and black.

Planning Creature Sculpture:

My creature sculpture turned out to look more human like than a creature. I had been working on animal sculptures so much and wanted to try sculpting something with a bit of human anatomy in it.

 I began by taking a wire hanger and twisting it into a desired pose. Afterwards I wrapped news paper around the wire and taped it to give the figure a fuller appearance.

The last step to sculpting it was applying numerous layers of plaster which took more than a couple days because I had to let it dry every time a new layer was applied.

 Finally I painted her and decorated her with beads, glitter and plastic diamonds. This part was the most fun.

In the end I couldn't tell what I had created. Maybe she's a demon priestess. I used to call her a demi-human. My best friend (who currently possesses this sculpture said she thought the pink hair was a veil of some sort. What ever she wants to think of it is fine with me. :)

Thanks for viewing! :)

Computer Art in High School

Here are a couple of Computer Art Projects from high school I finally have a chance to post.

I was a fan of Japanese music in my high school years and Gackt was one of my favorite singers. This one is a Case and CD Cover for his Album called "Love Letter".

I don't know what the theme for this one was. I think it was experimentation for continuous patterns in Photoshop. I think it looks like the Pizza Hut Sign. They should use this for their next logo.

For this one I had to use my initials (S.R.) to create a design in Photoshop. I had just discovered the chalk stroke so I went crazy.

This one... I really don't remember what the them was but I liked how it came out. I especially admired his tattoos.

This is a digital rendering of my trusty high school calculator. I still use it to this day. I had to render this completely from scratch in Illustrator. It was a pain in the butt to find the fonts and sizes for all those little signs, symbols and words. In the end it was worth it because it was in the Bloomfield High School Art Gallery on display with my Charcoal and Sanguine Still Life (Which is not here on the site because my mother took it with her to Florida. Side Note: The Charcoal and Sanguine Still Life also got me a Certificate of Recognition at the Montclair State University Art Show.

This was my final project in Computer Art. I put this together in Photoshop. It's a picture of me and a silhouette of my favorite anime character, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky The Fourth from Cowboy Bebop.

This is a second Album and CD Cover for another Japanese Pop Artist Called Ai Otsuka. She was a big influence on a story I wrote in high school; Cherish. I wrote this story based on how I felt about some of the songs in her albums. The picture on the CD Cover was drawn and colored by me. 

This one was made to represent the love I had for Anime and Manga. Like I said before, I was a huge fan so I put all this stuff together and made it look like an advertisement for an Anime Book Club Store. I created the little lavender mascot myself though.


I decorated a template in Illustrator with my own character design of a tiger. After printing it out I was able to fold it and make it stand. I originally had this one and a white one with blue eyes but I gave the white one away to a friend who thought it was super cute.


Thanks for Viewing! :)

Small ECC Projects

Here are just a couple more Essec County College Art Projects I am just now snapping pictures of. I gave these away to my best friend the other day because I had no place to store them in my new apartment. She will better appreciate them than anyone I know. :)

This one is a rendering of Degas' La Classe De Danse. It's made of color aid paper and I used gouache paint and colored pencil for texture. I also changed a couple of the colors used in the painting for a fresher look. You can see that I even changed the poses of a couple of the ballerinas and took out their dance instructor (who looked like Mr. Miyagi) as well.

This one was a rough draft of a work that I used on my calendar project. It's made of color aid paper and gouache paint. I used chalk to give the scene some clouds. This rendering represents July.

This is just my color chart. It was the first project in my painting class at ECC.

Thanks for viewing! :)

The Paper Dress

Here's a little something I forgot to take pictures of. I made this paper dress nightgown in an art class at Essex County College. It's not my best work but it was all I could come up with for the project. It took me forever to figure out what I wanted to make. This was the simplest option.



Thanks for viewing! :)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Little Suzie's Nightmare Performance at Bloomfield College

This is the resulting video of the play directed and performed by me and my fellow classmates in Movement For Animators at Bloomfield College December 7th, 2012.

The Cast
Little Suzie- Amber
Toy Juggler- Lukas 
The Dresser- Jason 
Blue Blob/Curtain- Gary 
Red Blob/Lamp- Adam 
Pink Blob/Chair- Freddy 
Slender Man- Jeremy 
Right Slender Tentacles- Justin 
Left Slender Tentacles- Lorren 
Stuffed Animals- Sierra 
Pull Suzie Under The Bed- Racquel + Sierra 
The Narrator- Jon 

Music- Michael Jackson's Little Suzie Instrumental Performed By Christian Rossel:

Directors: Sierra Roberson and Jon Rojas
Music and sound effects synchronization by Sierra Roberson

The Narrator in the beginning says:
"Let me tell you a story about a girl they called Little Suzie."
"Little Suzie was an ordinary, well behaved child who loved toys." 
"She loved toys ever so much that her mother could practically leaver her in a room to play and do little to no parenting all day." 
"Little Suzie's only friends were the toys of which she played with to no end." 
(Pause when Suzie's Mother calls out off stage.) 
"And before she could even sleep tight she wished her toys all good night." 
"And what's so special about her fate?" 
"Well, it gets better, just you wait..." 

Thanks for watching! :)

Sunday, November 4, 2012

WARNING: High School Doodles!

So here are some doodles I drew in my 4 years of high school  I only posted the best in the order of which they were drawn. WARNING: There were some pretty weird things going on in my head and I did copy a lot of..... things that weren't for children...

Lets start with the earlier doodles...
Another character from Inuyasha, his name is Koga and I originally drew him for this guy I had a crush on in class at the time but I realized later that he was just as stupid and arrogant as the character I drew.

Just some chick in a bathing suit with a sun hat next to her. By this time I was working on proportion.

I created a new character that had different personalities which at the time I liked to distinguish them as her consciences, the Devil and the Angel. The "Neko" was the main character being influenced by the other two. The first letters of each of their names made up D.N.A. so I decided I was going to call her comic "D.N.A. Kitty" if I ever decided to make one. I never really got around to drawing it but her story line was played out in a role playing chat room back when AOL chat rooms were popular. LOL

Just a random couple. I think I drew this one a had a crush on some guy and it had text but I erased it when some of my friends wanted to take a look at my sketch book. It was personal and childish stuff...

Just some Angel with some sort of hand ax thing.... IDK I drew a lot of weird stuff...

This was character development for my character DNA Kitty, greatly influenced by Anime as you can see. I really used to wear my hear like that btw...

Kitty and her consciences

Now for the last 2 years of high school...
I took a dive into my childhood memories of Sonic's first girlfriend, Sally Acorn. I also drew my own version of Rouge the bat and Tails.

I doodles a lot with pen in high school  I could never bring myself to do it in pencil after my hands were so used to the smooth glide of a ball point pen. I drew my girls with really long legs for some reason....

I think this was the start of a character idea I never finished...

This too...

A pig tailed girl that loves to wear long stripy socks.... that sounds familiar doesn't it? LOL To be honest with you I really wasn't thinking of Pippy Long Stockings at the time.

A little chibi version of Minoki. With how big I made her hair buns she looks like she could be mickey mouse's silhouette.

Miroku from the anime Inuyasha.
Miroku with his hair out. This style was copied from fan work or someone online at the time. I don't remember who... :(
I drew this on the front cover of one of my sketch books... I was bored..

I was attempting to draw a fairy tail looking girl and dragon but never finished it...

A stubborn little girl../

This was for a friend in my French class at the time. He was sort of a ladies man, a silly and really funny Asian guy I know to this very day. :)

This was from the cover of one of my favorite mangas called Peach Girl

This was character development for DNA Kitty. I was redoing her story line completely to make her a science experiment...

DNAKitty, in love with a human boy... it was part of the story but I lost interest in it and never finished it.

I loved short hair styles on my girls for some reason... possibly because I had short hair at the time.

Why are there bubbles coming out of that bowl?

A cool snail. 8)


Like I said, I had some strange stuff on my mind...

Perfect booooobies! What every high school girl dreams of having! LOL

I can't deliver this big an egg!

Scared, Shocked, Devastated!



Experiment.... inspired by Chobits I think...

Cute neko secretary.

I just liked the hair style for some reason...

This is Fena from Grandia, my most favorite RPG video game of all time for PlayStation I.

Random doodles on a manila envelope. Look there goes Chibi Minoki again!

The character on the left was off the top of my head. The character on the right was inspired by a character from Spice World, an adult cartoon show that came on HBO late at night when I wasn't supposed to be awake as a kid.

This is Host as I remember her from that late night HBO show Spice World.

Chibi Minoki's many outfits.... and one friend on the right...

I think this was inspired by a PlayStation video game called Threads of Fate but I changed it up a lot...
Making a mess of the batter...
Baking cookies! <3
There was a short time when I used to draw these tiny little fairies I called "Kiko Bugs"...
They were all recognized by their unique eyes.

I made a poster for them called "Adopt A Kiko Bug" This was a homework assignment in my high school communications class. I don't want to put up the full poster though. My favorite one is the middle one of course.


The very first Kiko Bug, Kiko!

Idk what I was thinking but... ya...


Why so they sell for so cheap? Because they're not as easy to take care of as you think. They probably destroy homes! LOL

IDK if this was one of my Kiko bugs but it sure looks like one...

I kinda wrote a poem but you have to read it for the bottom up.

From my love of Karaoke Came...

Yachi Dachi.... Strange name right? I was a strange girl...

Yachi loved karaoke just as much as I did. In fact almost every picture I drew of her involved a microphone.

This story began when Yachi and her friends needed to formulate a way to make money while in high school. Why? Family hardships and what not... it was a drama about a girl who loved to sing and wanted nothing more than to be a star but she had too much responsibility since her parents went missing and left her to take care of her little sister. So her and her friends started working at a karaoke bar part time. The owner of the bar gets sick and leaves it up to Yachi and her friends to keep the bar running but it's not easy for the girls to keep drunk men from terrorizing them. They eventually team up with a garage band of hot guys from their high school to keep the bar up and running.

This was also a high school communications homework assignment. False advertisement for the Bloomfield Steak House down the street from my school. LOL

I cut this out from a picture in my folder a while back. Idk why. But it's actually from a scene where Yachi gets her first try on the mic. There was supposed to be a hand offering her the microphone.

There was supposed to be some profile info next to her. I cut it out for personal reasons.

Idk who that is singing but it related to my love for Karaoke so I put it in. It's also the same figure used in the false advertisement picture I posted earlier.

This is Yachi's best friend, I forgot her name and Yachi's little sister, who actually looks up to Yachi's best friend more than she looks up to Yachi.

Yachi, a karaoke star!

Well that's all that was worth showing from my highschool years. Thanks for viewing! :)