Thursday, October 18, 2012

Box Theme: FernGully

For this project I did quite a bit of research on rain forests. The object of this assignment was to create a themed box. Most people used wooden jewelry boxes and built on them to make them look like the bottom of the sea or a pirate ship. I wanted to make mine stand out so I used a box that opened like a story book. My theme was FernGully: The Last Rainforest.

I researched mostly majestic water fall scenes because I wanted to include one in my story book theme.

I knew for sure I wanted the main character, Crysta to be a part of it as well so I studied her facial expressions and personality. I even watched the movie a couple times while I worked on my box theme.

This was done by one of my favorite Deviant Artists: Enigmawing
I finally decided I wanted to make Crysta sitting in a tree...

... with a baby parot.

I also used a variety of butterflies.

Here are the results...

The outside was painted a very dark, almost navy, blue. The letters were gold as was the striping at the top and bottom of the book. You might think this looks too plain but it's actually the same style they used for the beginning and ending credits of the movie. (Remember: Don't judge a book by its cover!) The book also looked like it had golden pages but I didn't get a shot at that angle. :(

The inside of the book consists of 2 page scenes with flowers, shrubbery and leaves that actually pop out of the book.
The left side of the book has a rocky water fall. I collected rocks from my backyard and bought fake flowering from the craft store.

The three small butterflies were crafted by my best friend Teresa Bouque.

The butterfly in the middle  was crafted by me and sits perched on a blade of grass which makes it pop out and look as if it's flying through the rain forest as you open the book.
To the right of the book is Crysta perched in a tree with a baby parrot while a tree frog looks on.

Crysta is made of color aid paper and acrylic + gouache paint Her wings are tracing paper. The tree bark was a paper towel roll which I crumbled some brown paper bag around with glue to give it texture. (Something I learned in elementary school. I know, childish, but it worked!)

The baby bird is also color aid paper with a bit of sharpie ink paint.

Both backgrounds were a blend of gouache paint, the frog is also color aid paper.
You can see a small white speaker button in the background hiding behind two leaves and a yellow and white flower. When that button is pressed it emits the sounds of the rain forest. Children loved this piece just as much as I loved putting it together.

Thanks for viewing! :)

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