Thursday, October 18, 2012

Mask Project: Harle 2011

The idea was to make a unique mask for our Three Dimensional Design class (Art 206 at ECC). While everyone else was busy doing the common African Mask (which didn't interest me) I worked on a face I had long admired since I was a child. The idea of this character mask came from a Video game called Chrono Cross. The character's name was Harle a harlequin. 

I didn't want to follow these pictures exactly. I had to add a bit of my own personality to the mix so I looked up some harlequin masks for ideas.

After enough research I gathered the supplies needed to make such a mask. I had to use a manican head (which my daughter had a strange affixation to when I bought it) to start. I put Vasaline on it so that it would slip off easier when I was done. 

When I got started on the project it was a very messy job and required a lot of waiting time for the plaster to dry. When it had dried I would have to sand it down to shape and then add on more plaster strips and paste to acquire a smoother surface (after sanding once more that is). As you can see I added plaster on to shape the nose and define the lips as well. I glossed the mask with white to ready it for painting.

First a blue moon coating was added to depict the color of her face in the first picture of Harle I posted.

The edges of the mask were darkened with a soft majestic blue acrylic paint.

As were the crevices of the nostrils and eyelids with a little under the lower lip.

Here is the mask fully painted. I used glitter in the paint for the star on her right cheek and red glitter on her eyelids as well as her bottom lip.

False eyelashes were added to make the eyes pop out and I darkened the lining around the eyes as well.

As you can already see I changed the color of her eyes from the original picture of Harle. Here her eyes were painted gold with added yellow glitter. Her eyebrows are red instead of black.

I wasn't going to stop there. She needed more to complete her look.
She needed her jester/harlequin hat so I sought help from a family member who's a professional seamstress. 

She taught me how to make a jester hat.

I found the perfect materials to make a hat. In fact the hat is made up of 2 old hats that I collected as souvenirs from Dorney Park's Fright Fest. I cut up the hats and used their fabrics to create one hat for my Harle. I added gold decorative trimming to the rim of the hat as well as a blue gem, bells to the ends of the hat, black puff balls and some fancy black trimming to end the mask. This is the result.

Thanks for viewing! :)


  1. Omg hey! You have wonderful work here~! I think I have the same professor you did when you were at ECC. I'm on my last semester now. Looking to go to Bloomfield soon maybe. It's always nice to see a fellow artist interested in and doing animaton! I dig your blogs~!
    All the best to you! (:

    1. Thank you very much for your comments. It's nice to know someone is actually viewing my art work. I thought my college professor was the only one that would look. My ECC Art (Admin) Professor was Barbra Pogue. She didn't like this project when I first started it, but when I added the jester hat and the mask came together, she loved it. :)