Thursday, October 18, 2012

Puppet Project: Christmas Themed

The idea of this project was to make a puppet, any kind of puppet (sock puppet, paper puppet, anything) no theme required. It was the final project of the year and despite how good the results were It only took me from midnight to 6AM to make on a Friday. I have a knack for recycling old materials and turning them into useful items so I rounded up old fabrics and furs and got to work on my sewing machine. All the while I was researching how to make a puppet. I went to and searched "how to make a puppet". A number of videos appeared but the link I provided was the one that helped the most in the creation of Carol, The Christmas Caroling Puppet. (BTW, each step to making a puppet is a different video but they go in order.)

Here she is!

Carols is made of pink furry cloth, red felt cloth and recycled remains from 2 Dorney Park Fright Fest Jester Hats. Her eyes are made of paper and her hair buns are made of black craft fluffs.

Carol was originally supposed to be a pink cat with green eyes but the production wasn't going too well and I had to make changes which gave me the idea to make her Christmas themed: Red and green with jingle bells and a Christmas caroling booklet.

I also took the time to watch the full documentary of Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey. Good stuff on the history of Elmo and his voice actor.

I just love that little smile!

Her Caroling booklet actually has real sheet music inside!

Give me an E please?

Its kind of hard to fit my hand inside but that's only because it was made for a child's hand.

I dedicated this puppet to my daughter for Christmas. I sewed a tag on the inside that says "To the love of my life, my daughter, Lillian". I hope she lasts for years to come. We'll only take her out around Christmas time.

Front and back of the Christmas Caroling Booklet

Inside of the Christmas Caroling Booklet

Thanks for viewing! :)

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