Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ying Yang Dragons 2011

I took a class at Essex County College which was basically second half of the Fundamentals of Art course. (Art 104 to them) 

The assignment was to create a picture with many different values keeping in mind the amount of positive and negative space. I used the internet for ideas and found this cute little picture of 2 dragons in the form of a Ying Yang sign. I was a fan of this style and I had never attempted to draw a dragon before so I gave it a try. I in no way claim the drawing above; this drawing was done by S. Azad. This person's art work inspired my drawing below.
I started off drawing everything in pencil and i finished it in ink. I used a combination of "stippling", "scumbling" and "hatching" to create different textures in this piece.

The professor had put it on display in the school's Red Area Gallery but because there was no up or down to the picture she didn't know which way to hang it. We decided fro some unknown reason that it should be presented on landscape angle with the Lighter Dragon on top and the Darker Dragon on the bottom.

Thanks for viewing! :)

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