Sunday, November 4, 2012

WARNING: Middle School Doodles!

I thought I'd post a couple of my Middle School Doodles. I did a little digging on my free time and found a whole box full of my old art work. Here are the best ones. I've come a long way. :)

Lets start with my earlier style of drawing in Middle School...
This was the main character I was drawing in Middle school. Her name is Minoki no relation to Princess Mononoke. I thought of Minoki before i even heard of Mononoke. Anyway I got the drawing style from a "How To draw Manga" book. I only had a glimpse of it really and this was all I could remember. Now that I've looked back I noticed i got the eyes wrong...

I promised myself I wouldn't post this but I'm posting it anyway. I used to make Comic strips about Minoki and her school friends. She had a fascination with her professor who was originally just a substitute teacher who became her permanent teacher later on. His name was Professor Smith and  he was originally created by a close friend of mine in Middle School, Jackie Forbes. Professor Smith is the cheerful looking character to Minoki's Left. To his right is a character sort of copied from an anime I used to watch called Yu-Yu Hakusho (Hiei) and to Minoki's right is a boy who adores her named Andrew.

WARNING: My spelling was very atrocious when I was young and so was my grammar so don't bother trying to read this picture's or the next picture's text. If you want to know what's going on in the picture though, it's a scene from when Minoki and her class take a trip to the beach. "Hiei" and Minoki make it to a little sand bar not far from shore and Minoki finds a turtle. She thinks the turtle is treasure and says it costs a lot so she wants to keep it.
Minoki: I'm rich!
Hiei: That's a turtle...
Minoki: Turtles cost a lot!
Hiei: That's nice... let's go back now.
Minoki: Can we take the turtle?
Hiei: We can't! This is it's home.

Minoki and Hiei end up taking the turtle back with them anyway. Minoki tries to ride on the turtle's back while Hiei paddles from behind.
Minoki: Weeeeeee! Turtles go fast!
Hiei: Can I stop pushing now?!
Turtle: Where are they taking me?

Here is where my style of art in Middle School began to change...
My parents bought me a "How To Draw Lion King" Book and this was all I came up with...

I never really continued it past these pictures but I do plan to go back and create my own feline character some day.

I got more into anime and my favorite anime at the time was Inuyasha. These are just a couple of the characters from the show. Rin and Seshoumaru.

I also liked Sailor Moon. I decided to make a human form of Luna the cat, Serena's royal guardian.

Well that's all I had from Middle school that was worth putting up. I'm going to post doodles from High school next!

Thanks for viewing! :)

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