Thursday, December 13, 2012

Little Suzie's Nightmare Performance at Bloomfield College

This is the resulting video of the play directed and performed by me and my fellow classmates in Movement For Animators at Bloomfield College December 7th, 2012.

The Cast
Little Suzie- Amber
Toy Juggler- Lukas 
The Dresser- Jason 
Blue Blob/Curtain- Gary 
Red Blob/Lamp- Adam 
Pink Blob/Chair- Freddy 
Slender Man- Jeremy 
Right Slender Tentacles- Justin 
Left Slender Tentacles- Lorren 
Stuffed Animals- Sierra 
Pull Suzie Under The Bed- Racquel + Sierra 
The Narrator- Jon 

Music- Michael Jackson's Little Suzie Instrumental Performed By Christian Rossel:

Directors: Sierra Roberson and Jon Rojas
Music and sound effects synchronization by Sierra Roberson

The Narrator in the beginning says:
"Let me tell you a story about a girl they called Little Suzie."
"Little Suzie was an ordinary, well behaved child who loved toys." 
"She loved toys ever so much that her mother could practically leaver her in a room to play and do little to no parenting all day." 
"Little Suzie's only friends were the toys of which she played with to no end." 
(Pause when Suzie's Mother calls out off stage.) 
"And before she could even sleep tight she wished her toys all good night." 
"And what's so special about her fate?" 
"Well, it gets better, just you wait..." 

Thanks for watching! :)

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