Monday, June 17, 2013

Computer Art in High School

Here are a couple of Computer Art Projects from high school I finally have a chance to post.

I was a fan of Japanese music in my high school years and Gackt was one of my favorite singers. This one is a Case and CD Cover for his Album called "Love Letter".

I don't know what the theme for this one was. I think it was experimentation for continuous patterns in Photoshop. I think it looks like the Pizza Hut Sign. They should use this for their next logo.

For this one I had to use my initials (S.R.) to create a design in Photoshop. I had just discovered the chalk stroke so I went crazy.

This one... I really don't remember what the them was but I liked how it came out. I especially admired his tattoos.

This is a digital rendering of my trusty high school calculator. I still use it to this day. I had to render this completely from scratch in Illustrator. It was a pain in the butt to find the fonts and sizes for all those little signs, symbols and words. In the end it was worth it because it was in the Bloomfield High School Art Gallery on display with my Charcoal and Sanguine Still Life (Which is not here on the site because my mother took it with her to Florida. Side Note: The Charcoal and Sanguine Still Life also got me a Certificate of Recognition at the Montclair State University Art Show.

This was my final project in Computer Art. I put this together in Photoshop. It's a picture of me and a silhouette of my favorite anime character, Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky The Fourth from Cowboy Bebop.

This is a second Album and CD Cover for another Japanese Pop Artist Called Ai Otsuka. She was a big influence on a story I wrote in high school; Cherish. I wrote this story based on how I felt about some of the songs in her albums. The picture on the CD Cover was drawn and colored by me. 

This one was made to represent the love I had for Anime and Manga. Like I said before, I was a huge fan so I put all this stuff together and made it look like an advertisement for an Anime Book Club Store. I created the little lavender mascot myself though.


I decorated a template in Illustrator with my own character design of a tiger. After printing it out I was able to fold it and make it stand. I originally had this one and a white one with blue eyes but I gave the white one away to a friend who thought it was super cute.


Thanks for Viewing! :)

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