Monday, June 17, 2013

High School Sculptures

Here are a couple of Sculptures I made in Mrs. Gaspar's Sculpting Class at Bloomfield High School.

Mask Planning:

I decided to go with the Geisha. I started off with a plastic mask and laid paper mache on it with water and glue.

 Afterwards I applied White and black paint. I did the makeup in paint as well.

 I finished it off by decorating her hair with a cardboard hair piece and a paper flower I made myself.

This one was awkward but fun. The idea was to make a shape, any shape with a block of wood as the base and a wire hanger. Once we had a completely abstract shape we put a stocking over the whole thing and tied it off under the base.

We applied white paint to create a clean canvas. Once dry we could paint anything  on it that the abstract shape reminded us of. My theme was an autumn tree. I added the fox and the rabbit as if to tell a story.

 LOL my daughter was curious about it.

This is a very heavy piece of pottery I made out of red clay. I guess It's a pitcher but it's way too heavy to be that so I would suggest putting flowers in it instead. After firing it in the kiln the first time I decided to apply a beautiful blue gloss and fire it again. And this was the result:

 Cloned Pikachu! I first drew a picture of Pikachu on plain paper and then sort of traced it into clay by placing the paper over the clay and poking holes through the paper into the clay slab. afterwards I carved the figure to make it look 3 Dimensional and placed the slab into the kiln. Once the carved slab was solid I put it in a small milk carton and filled the carton with plaster. After the plaster dried I was able to break the slab from the plaster which created a molding. The molding was then used to make clones of my original Pikachu carving and solidify them in the kiln. I painted each carving a different color glaze before placing them into the kiln for the final time.

This is a carving made from a block of plaster. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to carve but It came to me shortly after taking off a couple chunks of plaster. It's a strangely striped cat sitting on top of a tree stump where an little orange squirrel resides.

First I cut a top off of a milk carton and rinsed it out. Afterwards I poured a mixture of plaster into the carton and let it dry and solidify for a week. Once it was solid I was able to pull the carton off the block of plaster and begin my carving.

When the carving was complete I sanded it lightly to give it a smooth look and I applied milk to the surface of the sculpture with a paint brush to make it smooth to the touch.

 Finally I painted it, keeping my use of color limited to, a yellow orange, brownish grey, beige and black.

Planning Creature Sculpture:

My creature sculpture turned out to look more human like than a creature. I had been working on animal sculptures so much and wanted to try sculpting something with a bit of human anatomy in it.

 I began by taking a wire hanger and twisting it into a desired pose. Afterwards I wrapped news paper around the wire and taped it to give the figure a fuller appearance.

The last step to sculpting it was applying numerous layers of plaster which took more than a couple days because I had to let it dry every time a new layer was applied.

 Finally I painted her and decorated her with beads, glitter and plastic diamonds. This part was the most fun.

In the end I couldn't tell what I had created. Maybe she's a demon priestess. I used to call her a demi-human. My best friend (who currently possesses this sculpture said she thought the pink hair was a veil of some sort. What ever she wants to think of it is fine with me. :)

Thanks for viewing! :)

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