Monday, June 17, 2013

Small ECC Projects

Here are just a couple more Essec County College Art Projects I am just now snapping pictures of. I gave these away to my best friend the other day because I had no place to store them in my new apartment. She will better appreciate them than anyone I know. :)

This one is a rendering of Degas' La Classe De Danse. It's made of color aid paper and I used gouache paint and colored pencil for texture. I also changed a couple of the colors used in the painting for a fresher look. You can see that I even changed the poses of a couple of the ballerinas and took out their dance instructor (who looked like Mr. Miyagi) as well.

This one was a rough draft of a work that I used on my calendar project. It's made of color aid paper and gouache paint. I used chalk to give the scene some clouds. This rendering represents July.

This is just my color chart. It was the first project in my painting class at ECC.

Thanks for viewing! :)

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